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HR Hot Topic for September 2016


Can You Always Avoid Hiring Troublemakers?

Hiring good quality employees is not always an easy task and can be costly. You probably won’t be able to avoid all troublemakers, but with diligent efforts you will avoid most of them.

To avoid hiring troublemakers, do consistent and detailed reference checks:

        Stick with questions about performance on the job.
        Be sure to talk to current or former direct supervisors, if possible.
        Explore the red flags uncovered on the application and during the interview.
        Engage a professional agency to conduct background checks appropriate to the position.

One of the most effective checks you can do is just to compare all the information you have. Are the resume and application consistent with each other as well as with information gained during interviews, background and reference checks? If not, BEWARE!


Scam Artists Get Even More Desperate and Creative Than Ever — Protect Yourself against Identity-Related Theft

by: Penny Lutocka, President – Lutocka and Associates, LLC.

Are you at risk for financial loss due to identity-related theft? Most of us are. When the economy tightens and gas prices rise, scam artists get even more desperate – and creative. That’s the bad news. The good news is that you can fight back. Here are a few tips that will help you avoid the potential financial devastation of identity-related theft.

Don’t give out confidential or sensitive information via phone or email. Scam artists have gotten more and more sophisticated in their abilities to appear legitimate. But truly legitimate financial and credit institutions should never ask for your social security or account numbers via unsolicited phone calls or emails – Period! If you do get such a request, don’t divulge sensitive information your bank or creditor should already have.

Take bill payments directly to the post office. That little flag on your mailbox may be red, but it’s a good as a green light to thieves who want your confidential information. Don’t give them the chance. Instead, whenever you pay bills by mail, take your payment envelopes directly to the post office or an official postal pick-up box. It’s easy enough to swing by such a location on your lunch hour, and it may save you time, trouble and money.

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