Hot Topic for March 2015, Our lead article: “Telehealth has Arrived and is Making a Difference” by Anita Raiford and our featured interview with Jason Hunt

HR Hot Topic for March 2015


6 Steps for Avoiding Retaliation Claims

Retaliation Law & Legal Definition

Retaliation generally is the act of seeking revenge upon another. Various federal and state laws, which vary by state, protect certain persons who seek to assert their legal rights from retaliation.

Retaliation suits may be stupid, but they happen with increasing frequency. What should HR do?

1. Have a written policy

As the backbone for your anti-retaliation program, initiate a policy prohibiting retaliation.

2. Provide training

Just having the policy isn’t enough. Provide training to management about what retaliation consists of and how to avoid it. (Basically, retaliation is any action that would dissuade a reasonable worker from engaging in protected activity).

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Telehealth has Arrived and is Making a Difference

By Anita Raiford, Bene-Perk, LLC

The healthcare and employee benefit worlds have welcomed the arrival of telehealth. For over a decade, the large employer market has utilized the availability of 24/7 physician access via phone or online video consultation for their employees. The cross-coverage of physician care through the utilization of telehealth programs, combined with an individual’s primary care physician, has provided increased access in the delivery of health services, and significant cost savings for plan sponsors and consumers. Recently, telehealth services have been introduced to the 1,000 and under employee market and to individuals who purchase their health insurance through public and private exchanges.

Carriers, healthcare providers, employers, and end users have been highly responsive to the concept, creating a rapid adoption rate tied to the increased focus on: healthcare consumerism, more timely access to services, the growing primary care physician shortage and ongoing pressures to reduce healthcare expenditures. Currently, over 15 million Americans enjoy access to these services.

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Interview with Jason Hunt – Owner of the Jewelry Gallery

Starla West - image

Jason Hunt, Jewelry Gallery

Jason Hunt is the Owner of the Jewelry Gallery and is a very creative and talented businessman. Jason has two locations, one in Westfield, and one in Kokomo, Indiana. He is willing to not only discuss his business, but outside activities. As a family run business, they are known for their custom design and estate jewelry. He spends his free time traveling, and mainly loves to be around the water. Boating is a strong passion of his.

The Interview:

HR: We like to ask questions about things our readers seem to be most interested in. Please feel free to expand and expound on any questions and/or share any additional information you feel is relevant. The first thing our readers would probably be interested in is when you started your business.

JH: We started the business in 2003.

HR: What were you doing before you started your own business?

JH: I was in the jewelry business since I was 16 years old. That was in 1987/1988. The company I worked for was a family run jewelry store.

HR: What inspired you to start your own business?

JH: Being able to work for myself and be my own boss.

HR: Do you do the design work yourself?

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