Hot Tip for February 2017 and Our Featured Article: A Better Way to Motivate By E. Jake Gamble President, Leadership Support Services, LLC.

HR Hot Tip for February 2017


5 Questions Determine If A Function Is “Essential” As A Component of The Americas with Disability Act (ADA) Compliance

Job Descriptions are not required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Although … without them, it’s going to be very difficult to establish essential functions when you face discrimination charges from an applicant with a disability.

Well-written job descriptions can be a key component to ADA compliance. This is because the essential functions of the job come into play when determining reasonable accommodations for disabled individuals.

Essential Function OR Not?

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Our Lead Article

A Better Way to Motivate

By E. Jake Gamble
President, Leadership Support Services, LLC.

Motivation is an interesting thing. Whether it’s encouraged or demanded, it’s always expected.

In my line of work, I hear about and/or see apathy all the time. Whether it’s the student who won’t attend class or the corporate executive complaining about a lazy workforce and today’s sense of entitlement, a lack of motivation is evident. But, they say, “We pay them a decent wage and offer them benefits, what else do they need?” The answer to the question is simple. THEY NEED A LOT MORE!

First and foremost, motivation is a psychological state. That means something happens in the brain. If the brain isn’t activated, you have an object. You don’t want objects serving your organization; you want people who make a conscious decision to get something done, individuals who voluntarily put forth a productive effort. Put the cattle prods away. They might work for a while, but eventually they’ll stifle the very momentum you’re hoping for.

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