In this issue: Hot Topic for September 2014, Our lead article: Time for a Fresh Look at Your Base Pay System? by Cassandra Faurote and our featured interview with Pam Parker

HR Hot Topic for September 2014


Does Past Performance Predict Future?

By: Ann Fisher, President – HR Alternative Consulting, Inc.

A Behavioral Interview is a method of interviewing candidates for a job based on the idea that past behaviors and experiences will predict how well-qualified a candidate is for a position. Ask each candidate the same questions, and ask how they “did” handle a situation in the past, instead of “how they would” handle a specific situation.

The system has two portions. First, the dimensions portion requires a candidate to have certain qualifications. Secondly, the interview portion has an interviewer ask each candidate the same set of questions to determine the best fit. You must compare apples to apples to find the best candidate for your company.


Time for a Fresh Look at Your Base Pay System?

by Cassandra Faurote, President – Total Reward Solutions, LLC

Time marches on. Conditions change. What worked once might not be so effective anymore. These truths apply to many aspects of life, and they are certainly true in the world of employee compensation. In fact, if your base pay system has been in place for 3 years or longer, it is almost certainly time to take a fresh look. And if your base pay system has been in place for 5 years or more, chances are pretty good that it has fallen behind competitive standards in the marketplace. If that’s the case, your company could be paying too much for your staff talent, paying too little to attract new hires, or simply be focusing on the wrong types of compensations that matter in your industry.

How can you tell if your base pay system – or your overall compensation program – needs an overhaul? And if it does, what is your next step? Read on for answers:

The first test for whether your pay and compensation systems need a fresh look is, again, the test of time. If you established your current pay and compensation programs 3 years ago, 5 years ago, or even longer, you should have been frequently monitoring industry standards and benchmarks and making any necessary adjustments. If your compensation systems have simply been static, however, with no real competitive monitoring or corrections, your organization may be seriously out of sync with your industry. That can hurt your company in terms of its financial position, employee retention and job candidate appeal.

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Interview with Janet Harris – Co-Owner of CruiseOne MJ Harris & Crew

Janet Harris - image

HR: Good morning Pam. Would you care to share something about yourself? Our readers like to get a glimpse into the lives of our interviewees.

PP: I am a member of the Society of American Florists, Rotary, Elks, the National Association of Women Business Owners, the International Society of Event Specialists and the Chamber of Commerce. We are certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise, and we are also certified with the City of Indianapolis.

I am married and have one son who lives in Minneapolis with his wife and daughter. We travel often to Minneapolis to visit them. My hobby is also my passion – I garden and grow flowers and produce on the family farm.

HR: What a great photograph you’ve provided of yourself and one of your beautiful flower arrangements. Who took the photo?

PP: The photos are taken by ladies from Franklin College in Indiana.

HR: Thank you. This magazine reflects the topics and concerns our readers ask about most frequently. What were you doing before you started your own business?

PP: Before I started my own business, most of my floral experience was in Minneapolis. I worked there for two great floral companies. I started out as a designer and was promoted to manager and buyer.

HR: When did you start your business?

PP: I first started working in the floral industry as a college student to pay my bills, and I have been connected ever since. After considering other occupations, like teaching and I found that my passion was with horticulture and floristry. My experiences in other companies, along with the growth of my own floral products, created an educational pathway to my own company. I certainly appreciate all of the steps I took to finally create my own company.

HR: What inspired you to open a floral shop?

PP: I was inspired to start up my own floral shop when I moved back from Minneapolis to Indiana. Suddenly, after thirteen years of building a reputation in Minneapolis, I had to come back and start applying to various companies here in Indianapolis. My strongest experiences were in events and my custom approach to floral work, but I found that there were no available job opportunities to match my strengths. Even the largest companies were heavy on the wire service designs, instead of personalized arrangements. I felt there was a need in this area for a custom company that was set up in a different format than most shops at the time.

HR: Your work is definitely custom and creative, which is why I enjoy seeing your new creations on Facebook. Briefly, tell me a bit about your business?

PP: Our company is a custom design company. Our product is anything in the floral or botanical category. When you visit our stores, you will not find gift items that do not relate to flowers or botanicals. You will find cut flowers and plants, along with unusual containers to hold the flowers and plants. One of our taglines is “flowers for any event.” Our customers have all kinds of events they are a part of, whether it be celebrating special occasions or corporate events, expressing gratitude to loved ones on birthdays or anniversaries, or showing honor at special memorials. We can represent all of these events and emotions with our floral.

HR: Working with events means you need a good size staff. How many employees do you currently have? Are the employees all full-time or do you bring in part-time for large events?

PP: We have eleven full-time employees, twelve part-time employees and several employees on a list who we pull in as needed for special events.

HR: I understand that you provided floral arrangements for the NFL, Indy 500 and major Indianapolis hotels. What methods have you found to recruit the best employees to help prepare for these events?

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