In this issue: Hot Topic for May 2015, Our lead article: “Social Media for Recruiting” by Jennifer Lewellen and Part 2 of our featured interviews with Jessica Nickloy, CEO etica group, Inc. and Laura Sniadecki, President Titan Associates, Inc. dba A.G. Maas Company.

HR Hot Topic for May 2015


Discrimination in Your Company? Audit Before the Feds Do!

By: Ann Fisher, President – HR Alternative Consulting, Inc.

Finding violations, before the feds do is a critical task for HR professionals in 2015. Is your management team acting according to your policies and applicable laws?

We expect discrimination these days to be a little less blatant. But, in reality it happens more than most business owners want to admit. Do you really know what is happening in the trenches? The next question is, how do you find out what is happing in your trenches? How?

There’s only one way to find out … have a Human Resource professional conduct an internal audit of your HR structure!

Take the following HR Discrimination Prevention checklist below, and find out if your workplace is free of discrimination.

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Social Media – The Next Wave for Recruiting?

By Jennifer Lewellen

Online gurus are touting social media as the next wave of recruiting. Some purport resumes and even job boards will be a thing of the past within a few years and that we will all use sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to post and look for jobs. Video, sound, and interactivity make social media flashy and fun, yet with 500 million Facebook users, 100 million LinkedIn profiles and 200 million Twitter accounts, the key is still to target the right audience. While social media is a wonderful way to inexpensively convey a message to the general public, it is still NOT the strategy, yet it should be part of your overall recruiting strategy.

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Interviews with Jessica Nickloy, CEO etica group, Inc. and Laura Sniadecki, President Titan Associates, Inc. dba A.G. Maas Company.

Part II: How do these two savvy young women run their own business, while also being wives and mothers of young children?

Jessica Nickloy - image
Jessica Nickloy, CEO
Etica Group, Inc.

As the CEO of the etica group, inc., Ms. Nickloy is an industry leader. She managed daily business operations and has hands-on work with both architectural and engineering design and construction observation/verification services. Her experience with architecture and engineering related projects began in 1996, with Capitol Engineering in Indianapolis, and continued in 2005, with the etica group, inc.

In addition to being CEO at etica, Ms. Nickloy has a home in Noblesville, IN with her husband Alex and 4 children, 3 girls; 11 year old twins Abigail and Ashley and 5 year old Meredith and their 1 year old son, Harmon. Her entrepreneurial pursuits are naturally part of her family life, where all of her daughters are already thinking ahead to their futures.
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Laura Sniadecki - image
Laura Sniadecki, President
Titan Associates, Inc. dba A.G. Maas Company

Laura Sniadecki received her Bachelor of Science degree from Purdue University. In 2006 following a career in account management and business development for a healthcare communications company, she purchased the A.G. Maas Company, which specializes in the distribution of facility maintenance supplies. She is the third generation in her family, behind her mother and grandfather, to own this 100-year old Indianapolis fixture.

Laura and her husband, Mike, have a three-year old, a two-year old, and a newborn. When Laura’s not catching up on laundry, making her daughter’s baby food, or changing diapers, she enjoys cooking with Mike, dining out with friends, and practicing yoga.
(Read about Laura’s additional accomplishments and associations at the end of Part II interview)

Let’s learn more about these two amazing women and how they juggle their everyday lives!

HR: How do you convey the job responsibilities to your staff, so they have a clear understanding of the job i.e. a Job Description, word-of-mouth or during the interview?

JN: Everything is explained in the interview. I also lay out that I don’t ask someone to do something that I wouldn’t or haven’t done myself.

LS: Each team member receives an offer letter when they are hired, which details their job description and expectations. Since we are a small business, we are often making changes and advancements in each position without documenting them, but the core responsibilities and expectations do not change. It is a clear requirement to embrace the “do-what-it-takes” mentality.

HR: What is the most difficult aspect of being a working CEO/President mother?

JN: Not feeling guilty when you have to put one over the other when something comes up.

LS: It has to be that I can never really disconnect from work. There is a minimum level of engagement that I must have at all times. I can remember getting a call the morning of my wedding from a customer who needed ice melt, emailing a customer proposal while I was in labor, and hiring a key employee while I was on maternity leave. I am constantly looking for ways to move my business forward and staying engaged even when inconvenient has been a critical factor to my success.

HR: I know some companies handle HR in house and some contract it out. Have you done it both ways and if so which parts do you handle in house and which do you outsource?

JN: The only thing that is outsourced is when an issue arises and we need to involve an employment attorney. This has only happened once.

LS: I do a little of both. I have never wanted to be responsible for managing the deductions and payments related to payroll, so that is no-brainer outsource for me. You don’t ever want to get someone’s paycheck wrong.

Some of my best hires have come from referral, and I’ve also had some success using staffing agencies, but a couple of years ago, I needed a warehouse associate, and I thought it would be a great idea to put an ad on Craigslist. We received 75 responses in less than two weeks. Only half of them said they had warehouse experience and of those, only 15 responded to my request to complete a 5-question screen. Of those, I scheduled six phone interviews, and brought in two for face-to-face interviews, and hired one. He quit two months later. Lesson learned.

HR: In today’s economy, companies must be very careful where they search for job applicants. Has outsourcing proved to be an effective way to handle some of the people-related issues, such as compliance with federal and state employment regulations?

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