In this issue: Hot Topic for November 2014, Our lead article: Leaders: How Sharp is Your Saw? by Lisa Purichia and our featured interview with Michael Reynolds

HR Hot Topic for November 2014


5 Most Common I-9 Form Mistakes

By: Ann Fisher, President – HR Alternative Consulting, Inc.

While conducting numerous internal Human Resource Evaluations (Audits), HR Alternative Consulting, Inc. found the following I-9 Form mistakes which are the ones we most commonly encounter. What do these errors mean? What will these errors cost your company?

Your company is NOT in compliance with the law.

The Immigration Reform and Control Act made all U.S. employers responsible to verify the employment eligibility and identity of all employees hired to work in the United States after November 6, 1986. To implement the law, employers are required to complete Employment Eligibility Verification forms (Form I-9) for all employees, including U.S. citizens

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Leaders: How Sharp is Your Saw?

By Lisa Purichia, Partner, Director of Entrepreneurial Services & Employee Benefit Services

In Steve Covey’s seminal book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” there is a chapter that refers to “sharpening your saw.” It tells of a lumberjack who is trying to cut a large tree, and not making much progress because the dull saw is not very effective. Someone tells him he should stop and sharpen the blade to expedite his task, but he believes the time lost stopping to sharpen the blade will prevent him from completing the task in a timely manner.

Unfortunately, a lot of leaders in business reflect the beliefs of the short-sighted lumberjack.

They spend too little time in their own professional development: learning new skills, new approaches, new technologies or analyzing the changing trends in their respective industry. They immerse themselves in their day-to-day operations, dealing with the same problems and challenges without ever stopping and evaluating the situation to investigate a possible improved process or procedure.

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Interview with Michael Reynolds – President/CEO, and Founder of SpinWeb

Michael Reynolds - image

Michael Reynolds is President/CEO, and Founder of SpinWeb


HR: Why don’t you begin by sharing a little bit about yourself? Our readers like to hear about family, organizations, and/or associations you belong to.

MR: I do a lot of networking so since you mentioned associations, I’ll start with that. I’m active in BNI, Rainmakers, and ISAE, which is the Indiana Society of Association Executives. I also serve on some non-profit boards and committees at a national level. I like to speak on things such as marketing, technology, and productivity and I speak at conferences around the county. I play tennis and eat lots of sushi.

HR: You’re an interesting man. If you’re ready, let’s get down to HR business. The questions I like to ask reflect some of the topics and concerns our readers have. You being a small business owner and wearing many hats, I’m sure you’re able to provide information that will be helpful to them.

MR: I’ll do my best!

HR: How many employees do you currently have?

MR: Currently there are nine employees.

HR: That’s a good size.

MR: Yeah, it’s very comfortable size for us. We’re very productive at that level.

HR: As we go along, please feel free to elaborate on any of your answers and if there’s anything I don’t ask, that you’d like to share, please feel free to do so. Let’s begin at the beginning. Would you share with our readers what you were doing before you started your own business?

MR: I was going to Ball State. Actually, I started my company at Ball State. When I was a junior in 1996, a friend and I were in the same dorm together; actually, we were starting to get into building websites and thought hey, why not start a company doing this. Our first client was actually a professor by the name of DeVon Yoho. We took his economics class and put it online for him, so we had a great first experience with that project and grew from there. A couple years later, we got an office in the village area of Ball State and grew from there.

Before that, I did internships at WorldCom and for local ISPs. I worked for the Department of Labor as a contractor doing some web development. However, my career really started in college when I founded SpinWeb.

HR: That’s great. I think my first website for my business was developed by a college student and he did a great job.

MR: Excellent!

HR: You sort of touched on this, but inspired you to start a business?

MR: It didn’t require much thought. It was sort of natural. It actually never occurred to me not to start a business. I think entrepreneurship runs in my family. Many of my extended family members are either in management positions or they’ve started their own companies – or both, at different stages of life. So, I think it’s just something that felt natural to me.

I had lots of new ideas and liked to execute those ideas and try different things. In addition, I’m pretty risk tolerant and so it just seemed natural.

HR: Very interesting! Can you briefly tell me a bit about your business?

MR: Sure! SpinWeb provides web solutions for corporate and non-profit organizations. Typically, what we do is work with the marketing director, executive director or communications team and we design, build, and implement a new website for that organization. We build on a content management system. Some of the problems we solve for them include helping them take control of their content on a daily basis, improving their design, and branding on the web, giving them training to implement those communication tools, and helping them plan and execute a content marketing strategy. Non-profits, for example, benefit from online donations, online fundraising, online event management, and blogging.

HR: Before we officially started the interview, you mentioned ROWE. What does ROWE stand for? Would you be willing to say a little more about that?

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