In this issue: Hot Topic for October 2014, Our lead article: Simply Complex: The 3 “T”s of Effective Leadership by Francine A. Carter and our featured interview with Pam Parker

HR Hot Topic for October 2014


5 Rules for Preventing Lawsuits

By: Ann Fisher, President – HR Alternative Consulting, Inc.

Five rules for preventing lawsuits with employees:

1. Be prepared. Understand what the potential pitfalls are when dealing with staff. Understand where and what your goal is and how to best achieve it.

2. Keeping your fingers crossed is not a strategy. Management can’t simply hope that bad things won’t happen. Management must be proactive to minimize the risk.

3. Earn respect. Management needs to earn the respect of the employees. This way, when you issue discipline, employees understand that you have their best interests at heart.

4. How will an employee know they need to improve, if no one tells them? Employers should not withhold the necessary information. An employee must know what performance concerns need to improve or to know what the Company’s expectations are.

5. No “BS.” You have to be serious about the venture of preventing lawsuits. You must exhibit this seriousness daily.


Simply Complex: The 3 “T”s of Effective Leadership


Imagine walking around a room, wearing blinders or even with your eyes closed. More than likely you are bumping into things, not seeing the whole view or picture. Maybe you are standing still afraid to move in fear of hurting yourself or others due to uncertainty of what you may bump into. Either way, you are going nowhere.

We all have the tendency to try to ignore “hard” situations. We sometimes like the blinders and hope it will just go away. Leading from a place of fear, reluctance, or denial keeps us bumping into the same old habits, issues and problems. You know the “elephant” remains in the room. How much does this resonate with you?

Face it, the elephant is in the room even with your blinders securely fastened. In fact, especially with the blinders on! What are you ignoring as you lead….in your business, your leadership and your life?

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Interview with Pam Parker – President of JP Parker Flowers

Janet Harris - image

Due to technical difficulties, our September interview with Pam is running again in our October issue.

HR: Good morning Pam. Would you care to share something about yourself? Our readers like to get a glimpse into the lives of our interviewees.

PP: I am a member of the Society of American Florists, Rotary, Elks, the National Association of Women Business Owners, the International Society of Event Specialists and the Chamber of Commerce. We are certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise, and we are also certified with the City of Indianapolis.

I am married and have one son who lives in Minneapolis with his wife and daughter. We travel often to Minneapolis to visit them. My hobby is also my passion – I garden and grow flowers and produce on the family farm.

HR: What a great photograph you’ve provided of yourself and one of your beautiful flower arrangements. Who took the photo?

PP: The photos are taken by ladies from Franklin College in Indiana.

HR: Thank you. This magazine reflects the topics and concerns our readers ask about most frequently. What were you doing before you started your own business?

PP: Before I started my own business, most of my floral experience was in Minneapolis. I worked there for two great floral companies. I started out as a designer and was promoted to manager and buyer.

HR: When did you start your business?

PP: I first started working in the floral industry as a college student to pay my bills, and I have been connected ever since. After considering other occupations, like teaching and I found that my passion was with horticulture and floristry. My experiences in other companies, along with the growth of my own floral products, created an educational pathway to my own company. I certainly appreciate all of the steps I took to finally create my own company.

HR: What inspired you to open a floral shop?

PP: I was inspired to start up my own floral shop when I moved back from Minneapolis to Indiana. Suddenly, after thirteen years of building a reputation in Minneapolis, I had to come back and start applying to various companies here in Indianapolis. My strongest experiences were in events and my custom approach to floral work, but I found that there were no available job opportunities to match my strengths. Even the largest companies were heavy on the wire service designs, instead of personalized arrangements. I felt there was a need in this area for a custom company that was set up in a different format than most shops at the time.

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