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HR Hot Tip for April 2017


Can You Always Avoid Hiring Troublemakers?

Ann Fisher, Editor

Obviously, you probably won’t be able to avoid all troublemakers, but with diligent efforts you will avoid most of them. How to avoid bad apples – conduct Background Checks.

Background checks may consist of:

        Current/previous employment
        Criminal record
        Driving record
        Credit check (unless otherwise provided by law)

To avoid hiring troublemakers, do consistent, detailed reference checks:

        Be sure to talk to current or former direct supervisors, if possible.
        Explore the red flags uncovered on the application and during the interview.
        Stick with written interview questions about performance on the job.
        Take detailed notes during the interview.
        Engage a professional agency to conduct background checks appropriate to the position.

One of the most effective checks you can do is just to compare all the information you have. Are the resume and application consistent with each other and with information gained during background checks, reference checks, and interviews?

Can You Avoid All Troublemakers?

Probably not!! But, even if a few slip through, it’s worth the effort if you keep some out of your organization. At the very least, you’ll establish your good-faith effort to screen candidates.

You do not want to be on the witness stand explaining how you never quite got around to doing the reference checks on one of your new employees who just committed a violent act-one that he or she had committed before at a former place of employment.

Q. What is the Troublemakers’ Favorite Target??


If you do hire a troublemaker, one area where you’re almost sure to have problems is Family and Medical Leave. Slackers love open-ended intermittent leave-their ticket to get off work whenever they want to-unless you’ve established iron-clad written policies and procedures.
It’s an almost overwhelming task to keep up with the FMLA, and the recent, far-reaching changes haven’t helped. And that’s to say nothing of the devilish complexity of marrying FMLA with ADA and workers’ comp.

Ann Fisher, President
HR Alternative Consulting, Inc.


Our Lead Article

Your Most Valuable Business Assets

Cindy Hartman – – 317-501-6818.

Small business owners know that the most value assets within their company are the employees. This is why there are safety rules and employee handbooks. The Human Resource Department is essential to helping the business run smoothly and professionally.

Another category of valuable assets is the business-owned personal property. Similar to the reasons a company hires a Human Resource Consultant, many small business owners find it valuable to hire an Asset Inventory Professional.

There are many reasons a business owner chooses to have an inventory of all the personal property – and the main reason they opt to hire the service is that they are too busy to tackle the project themselves. This asset inventory serves many purposes for a small business owner.

Being Properly Insured
Many business owners forget about the need to increase their contents insurance coverage as they add more items due to growth or buy new to replace older furnishings. Over the course of time, desks, chairs, tables, computers, printers, file cabinets, kitchen appliances – and so much more – are expensed. This means they aren’t on a depreciation schedule; therefore, these purchases aren’t tracked. The amount of insurance required to replace everything is essentially unknown.

Creating an asset inventory, and keeping it up to date (adding new and removing discarded assets), will provide the information necessary to know how much the insurance coverage should be.

Prevent Duplicate Purchases

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