In this issue: Hot Topic for April 2014, Our lead article: ‘One Year to a Stronger Supply Chain’ and our featured interview with Veronica Schoenenberger, Co-Owner of Safety Management Services, Inc.

HR Hot Topic for April 2014


7 “NO-NO’s” in a Job Description

By: Ann Fisher, President – HR Alternative Consulting, Inc.

Job Descriptions are extremely important for every business. The list of what should be in a job description is very long, but what should you keep OUT of job descriptions?

1.     Opinions or recommendations – Just talk about the job with reference to how it is currently done, not how it might be done.

2.     Instructions about how to do the job – Talk about outcomes and areas of responsibility.

3.     Negative statements – Talk about what the employee does, not what he or she doesn’t do. (This could be a long list!)

4.     Abbreviations and technical terms – Even if their meanings are well known to the employee, spell out technical details, so that those who might refer to the job description in the future understand the meaning.

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One Year to a Stronger Supply Chain

A step by step guide of the basics

By: Ann Baker, M.P.A. and M.B.A.
President, Breakout Solutions, LLC

Happy 2014! Welcome to Supply Chain Basics 101. If you have been following me on Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin, you know I spend a lot of time helping businesses strengthen their core by targeting their supply chain practices. No matter the industry, business makeup or company size, good basic purchasing habits can be applied in a similar fashion across the board. One trick to growth is to leverage the different aspects of supply chain management based on your company’s unique needs. Whether your budget is $10,000 or $10M, basic principles exist that can be used in every company.

January is the perfect time to consider a review of how you purchase. Your numbers from the previous year are most likely to be finalized, your annual goals have been set for the year ahead, and now you can take a look at a deeper level of how to meet your goals. Supply Chain is a great place to start. Over the course of this year, I am going to walk you through a couple basic practices that you can implement immediately to help boost your company’s operations with little effort. Get your pens and paper ready because there will homework for you to bring to class. Today, I will introduce you to a roadmap or an overall list of areas where you can begin. As we move through 2014, I will use each month’s columns to discuss in greater detail a different category topic and provide suggestions on how to establish or strengthen each part of your program. Are you ready for some FUN? Let us begin:

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HR News reflects the topics and concerns our readers ask about most frequently. For the month of April, we decided to stretch the HR component and speak with Veronica about company safety and the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. Is your company in compliance?

Interview – Veronica Schoenenberger, Co-Owner of Safety Management Services, Inc.

Safety Management Service, Inc. is an expanding company in the Occupational Health and Safety field. Our goal is to make companies as safe as possible while meeting current OSHA standards. We provide all parts of an effective safety program including written materials, on-site training, inspections, and record keeping systems. Our staff consists of many true professionals with over 20 years experience in the Health and Safety field.

Veronica has a wide range of work experience. She assisted in starting up the company in December of 1997 and has been growing with the company ever since. Starting out as Office Manager she has since developed into a trainer and account manager. She oversees our largest clients. She has attended OSHA training classes (511, 501, and others), while learning on the job. Veronica has over 10 years experience in Safety Consulting, including Training, Account Management, Plant Inspections, Employee Training and Abatement Hearings with OSHA for clients.

HR: How many employees does a company need to have before they must comply with OSHA?

VS: For General Industry a company would need to have eleven or more employees to be required to have a Safety Program.

HR: I’m sure a large number of companies are not aware of this requirement! In terms of OSHA compliance, what is the #1 thing of which you believe all business owners should be aware?

VS: To me one of the number one things would be to have the training they are required to give each employee and the written programs to support that training. Depending on the employee’s job they may need additional training and documentation of that training.

HR: Absolutely, training is a major component for complying. What do you feel is the toughest part of handling the OSHA side of the business and why?

VS: I would have to say it would be to get both the management and the employees to both buy into a safety program. You would see the benefits by employees working safer and the company saving money from lost time and so on.

HR: Do you suggest a company handle all aspects of safety and training in-house or do you suggest they outsource some aspects of it?

VS: I think it depends on the size of the company. A smaller company benefits from an outside source because they don’t have the man hours to dedicate to the time needed, where as a larger company will have a dedicated safety person on staff. Even so, a larger company can still benefit to an outside source from time to time. It will help keep them up-to-date on things they may not have come across. Sometimes the safety person is multi tasking so much that they may need outside help to reinforce their program. As a safety consulting company we get to see firsthand what OSHA is looking for and what they are working towards.

HR: Your area of expertise is invaluable for companies of any size. I know firsthand how difficult it is to say current on all of these regulations.

In an effort to avoid being out of compliance with OSHA state and federal regulations, what do you suggest business owner do to maintain compliance?

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