Hot Topic for August 2015, Our lead article: “Developing Future Leaders with Mentoring and Coaching” by Thresette Briggs and our featured interview with Ann Clifford, President – Safari Solutions.

HR Hot Topic for August 2015


Six Steps to Handle an HR Harassment Investigation

By: Ann Fisher, President – HR Alternative Consulting, Inc.

When harassment or other violations are brought to your attention, you must investigate. It is extremely important to know what is going on in your organization.

–Do Them – Quickly! Don’t hesitate to investigate, or ignore a complaint. In fact, investigations are required, in some states, where sexual harassment is involved. Timing of an investigation, about a complaint is a major factor in protecting your organization, so don’t delay. HR Alternative Consulting suggests you investigate within 24 hours. If not quickly commenced, document the reason for delay.

–Choose Your Investigator Wisely. You may work with an internal executive or an outside expert, such as a professional HR consultant. Whoever you choose, the person should be neutral in outlook and willing to gather and consider all the evidence and testimony, objectively.

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Developing Future Leaders with Mentoring and Coaching

By: Thresette Briggs, President – Performance 3

Leaders exist in every generation – Veterans, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Y and Millennials. Each generation brings something different, but important, to the work place. And, each generation needs leadership development.

If you’re a Veteran or Baby Boomer think back to when you started your career. Was mentoring and coaching part of your leadership development? If they were there was likely no formal process, unless you were at the highest leadership levels of the organization. Most mid-level leaders during that time had to identify their own mentors and coaches. Sound familiar? Members of Generation X probably remember a more defined process for matching them with a mentor or coach. And Millennials (Also known as Generation Y) probably experienced even more focused mentoring and coaching programs.

What has driven the increased focused on formal mentoring and coaching programs? Organizational leaders have recognized their value in ensuring a robust leadership development program, and how vital they are to develop leaders in an increasingly complex global world. Developing future generations to succeed us must be intentional to ensure organizational sustainability.

John Duggan, CEO of Gazely, a global developer of logistics warehouses emphasizes the importance of sustainability. Duggan says, “We believe it’s in business’s interest to become more sustainable…this will become a must-have rather than a nice-to-have issue, going forward. We want to build our brand around that position.” Because coaching and mentoring are powerful components of developing sustainable leaders, both must be incorporated into the fabric of our organizations.

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Interview with Ann Clifford, President – Safari Solutions

Ann Clifford -

I know numerous business owners have an interest in relocating their business, virtually and yet maintain their client base in their current State in the United States. There is a strong interest in how Safari Solutions was able to accomplish transiting from an established business location to running a business virtually?

HR: Briefly, tell me a bit about your business?

AC: Safari Solutions is a Recruitment Process Outsourcing firm. In layman terms, you might call us a retained search firm for owner-managed businesses without HR support. The big difference between us and traditional search firms is that our Tiger Eye Hiring™ process is customized for each search and our fees are more affordable for small businesses.

HR: How many employees do you currently have?

AC: Our team of 5 includes 3 full-time recruiters, a part-time admin staff member, and me.

HR: Safari Solution’s physical office was located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Do you still maintain office space in Indy?

AC: No, we closed our physical office over a year ago.

HR: What was the motivating factor that led you to go virtual and move to Florida?

AC: The move was strictly personal . . . to get away from Indiana winters. I had planned to move to Florida when I approached retirement, yet decided that I didn’t need to wait for retirement to enjoy sunshine. Plus, cloud based technology finally had matured enough that made it feasible. Not all businesses can work virtually, yet the recruiting industry is well-suited for virtual operations.

HR: Would you share with our readers the professionals you sought out to provide guidance during this transition? Tax Account, legal counsel, etc.?

AC: This was primary a technology play. It took several years of pre-planning to make it happen. Once I made the final decision, it took about a full year to plan and then another year to transition through all the changes. My outsource IT firm, Promethius Consulting, was instrumental in helping me sort through all the technology options and challenges. There were also personal tax implications that required my CPA’s advice.

HR: What was the biggest challenge in moving to a virtual office solution?

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