In this issue: Hot Topic for November 2015, Our lead article: The Turning Points: In Life & Leadership by Thresette Briggs and our featured Interview with Lisa Compton, Owner – Second Steps, LLC

HR Hot Topic for November 2015


Seven Reasons Why Employers Get Sued

By: Ann Fisher, President – HR Alternative Consulting, Inc.

Human Resource Compliance Is More Than Payroll and Health Insurance!

HR is much more than recruiting, payroll, and benefits. It is not unusual to meet someone and I’m told their insurance company handles all of their compliance requirements. Yes, their insurance company should handle their insurance compliance, but there is much more!

With the way the economy is today, many business owners are dealing with a different set of employee problems. Employers are being sued by employees, in most situations, because the employer doesn’t understand the full concept of HR compliance. Is your Company really in compliance?

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The Turning Points: In Life & Leadership

By Thresette Briggs

The Turning Points. We encounter them in our personal and professional lives. They’re the things that happen that transform us, or that significantly change the direction of our life or career. Some make us more self-aware and help us improve. But others…can mean life or death.

Turning Points in Life

One turning point happened when I was only 10 years old, and a woman I never met saved my life. My grandmother, who had limited mobility, sent me to the grocery store right across the street to get a loaf of bread, while she watched from her window. As I was returning to my grandmother’s house, a man in a car called out to me. He asked if I wanted some candy. I hesitated, because I knew I wasn’t supposed to talk to strangers, but I wanted that candy badly!

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Interview with Lisa Compton, Owner – Second Steps, LLC

Lisa_Compton - image
Lisa Compton, and

Lisa Compton is President and Chief Executive Officer, and her husband, Robert Compton, is Owner of Lisa Compton is the Owner of Second Steps, LLC. operates a retail store in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and a world-wide website that sells more than 10,000 behavioral, learning and language products, specializing in Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder.

A longtime friend of Compton contacted her when the friend’s grandson was diagnosed with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder. Compton used her skills as a seamstress to make things that wouldn’t create negative feedback through touch, smell or texture for him. Compton said, “Before we opened there was no place for people to actually see, touch and smell the products they were buying, which is immensely helpful. Today we service families, therapists, group homes, and schools that come in to the store for these products”.

This business started from the living room of the Compton’s home and expanded from her sewing to the hiring of twelve contracted seamstresses. With gaining new clients from families to school systems, clinics, hospitals, group homes, agencies, and catalog companies, the company was growing by 54% to 66% each year from 2006 to 2010.’s growth created a demand for a second company, which is Second Steps, LLC – NE Indiana ABA Clinic. This 12,000 sq ft facility is the largest in NE Indiana.


LC: Good Morning. Second Steps is an ABA clinic, which stands for Applied Behavior Analysis, serving children ages 2 – 18 diagnosed with Autism.

HR: It sounds like a very interesting and unique company!

LC: Yes it is.

HR: We typically ask business owners about your human resources side of the business. In terms of human resources, what is the number one thing of which you believe all business owners should be aware?

LC: Actually, the HR laws are always changing and owners are faced with changes in the federal and state rules and regulations. We have a staff of 15 employees and making sure that the taxes are paid at the appropriate rates, that workmen’s compensation is at the correct rates, and having human resource policies and procedure documents in place, are really the top three concerns.

HR: Wonderful.

LC: I feel every company needs policies and procedures. Also, the employees need to have an Employee Handbook, which outlines federal and state policies, sick and vacation time, short and long term disability and family death policies. That way you have everything in black and white and no questions are left unanswered.

HR: Exactly, Very good!

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