In this issue: Hot Tip for January 2017, Our Lead Article: How to Maximize Your Peak Working Hours by Nancy LaFever and Our Featured Article: Business Owners Need to Take a Tip from Einstein By J.Sewell Perkins, Success Coaches Institute

HR Hot Tip for January 2017


Defend Against Wage and Hour Lawsuits – Four Steps

Wage and hour cases in particular have yet to slow down even as the economy is starting to improve. Wage and hour class action litigation has grown steadily in recent years and this trend is expected to continue. By following the guidelines below, business owners can help avoid such claims and ensure their company’s ability to defend itself should legal challenges come up.

The Best Defense Is a Good Offense

The best way to avoid costly litigation is to perform regular audits and reviews of employee job functions and payroll processing. When it comes to defending against a lawsuit, detailed information is critical. Below are four ways to ensure the company has what it needs to defend itself.

1. Maintain accurate and complete employee records
2. Preserve key data in electronic format
3. Retain pay records on a weekly basis, regardless of pay schedules
4. Track edits to time records>


Our Lead Article

How to Maximize Your Peak Working Hours

by Nancy LaFever, Writer

Do you find yourself reaching for an energy drink around 4 p.m. on a work day? Or are you just revving up for your day’s work? Finding your peak work hours is a great way to boost your productivity. We usually do know our own energy body/mind rhythms of energy, but if you examine your work/productivity patterns, you can maximize those times.

Morning Person vs. Night Owl

People usually describe themselves as a morning or night person. But you don’t have to buy into your own stereotype: you can take some control over those energy cycles and be more productive at supposedly “down” times, because that self-talk can become self-fulfilling.

In the “Flow”

Published in 1991, Mihaly Csikszenmihalyi’s book “Finding the Flow – the Psychology of Optimal Experience,” is a concept that’s still applicable to work styles today. When you’re in the “flow,” you are so absorbed in a task that you lose sense of time, you feel in control and things just click. A University of Chicago psychologist, he’s done numerous of studies on this phenomenon.

It doesn’t mean that to be your most productive, you constantly need to be in the flow. But approaching your schedule of work, goals, etc. with focused intention might just get similar results.

Pacing and Shifting your Rhythms.

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Our Featured Article

Business Owners Need to Take a Tip from Einstein

By J.Sewell Perkins, Success Coaches Institute

Insanity: Doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result.

-Albert Einstein

What do you think would happen if you drove your car wearing a blindfold? My guess is that you’d hit something, right? The big question is, would you continue to put the blindfold on every time you drive your car?

Is it just possible that you’d discover you don’t get the intended result wearing the blindfold? If your answer is yes, my next question is; how many things in your business do you do over and over again even though you don’t get the results you want? The only difference between driving your car with a blindfold on and many of the other things you continue to do without the hoped for results is that the consequences of driving the car blindfolded are dramatic and have greater immediate impact (pun intended).

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