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HR Hot Tip for June 2017

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Five (5) Most Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Company’s Employee Handbook

Your Employee Handbook can be an invaluable organizational tool—or an employment lawsuit waiting to happen. Congress and state legislatures have been busy enacting laws that directly affect your Employee Handbook in recent years. If you haven’t kept up, your organization could be sued.

Your employees must know and understand the rules to follow the rules.

Here are the first 5 common Employee Handbook mistakes you should avoid:

1. Using form handbooks with provisions unrelated to your company.

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Our Featured Article

Do I Need A Personal Coach?


By: Lisa Purichia
Partner, Director of Entrepreneurial Services
Sponsel CPA Group

If you’re the owner of a business, you probably have experienced times where it felt like the people who work for you expect you to know everything about every single aspect of the operation. But everyone has gaps in their knowledge and experience. The best managers not only recognize their shortcomings, they take steps to address them and fill in those holes.

It doesn’t matter how you came into ownership of your company – whether it’s a family-owned enterprise where you watched previous generations run it, you bought into the business or started it yourself and watched it grow. And no matter what fancy title you wear – President, CEO, etc. – everyone has areas of leadership they need to work on.

Once you’ve acknowledged the need to improve and have identified the areas where you need to be more proficient, the question becomes one of how to go about attaining those skills. Some people consume books on leadership development, or even biographies of noted business leaders.

One method growing in popularity is to invest in a personal coach. This is an expert you contract with, generally on your own time and your own dime, who gives you confidential advice and counsel on how to improve yourself as a professional. They point you to educational opportunities and help you keep on track with timelines, goals and milestones.

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