In This Issue: HR Hot Tip for October 2017 and our Featured Article: Speak Like an Executive by Ellen Dunnigan, CEO, Accent On Business, LLC

HR Hot Tip for October 2017


5 Sins of Termination

Begging for a lawsuit?

Continued from 9/1/17 issue

Terminations are never easy for anyone, but since they plant the seeds of many lawsuits, it’s worth learning how to do them right. Handling them carefully can save cash, calm frayed nerves, extra strength aspirin and maintain morale and productivity. Don’t be the company mentioned on the nightly news along with these words “Wrongful Termination”.

Sin #6 – Terminating Without a Reason on the Basis of “At-Will”

It’s true that unless there’s a formal contract of some kind, most employees are employees at will, and that means they can be terminated at any time for any reason or for no reason. And the flip side is that they can leave at any time.
But here’s a news flash—people don’t like to be fired, and they’re not going to blame themselves. They typically have no reason to think their performance is subpar, so the reason must be because of their protected status—that is, their race, sex, age, or disability. Now your company is in trouble; you have to begin your defence by proving that, yes, your managers are so stupid that they fire employees for no reason. And then you have to explain why “no reason” is more likely than the illegal reason. It’s not going to go well.

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Our Featured Article

Accent On Business

Speak Like an Executive


By Ellen_Dunnigan, CEO
Accent On Business, LLC

Presenting to busy company leaders and clients requires us to shift our style of speaking from “details and conclusion” to “executive summary”. In a traditional Executive Summary in a business case, business plan, or white paper, the writer presents the key findings (or the conclusion or the “ask”) in the very first line of the document, followed by the salient facts and details — only the salient details. This is also the perfect guideline for your spoken word with busy executives.

Busy company leaders and client executives have little time and patience for details — and, really, they don’t need all of the details because those details are typically your job, and they count on you for that. Executives won’t and can’t take the time for a long presentation from you, full of details and reasoning followed by a big reveal at the end. And you won’t be invited back to the table if you develop a reputation for long-winded presentations. Here’s our advice to you: speak in Executive Summary style. Get to your point in the first 30 seconds and don’t speak longer than 5 minutes. Reveal the conclusion or your compelling idea up front, with only the most relevant of persuasive details. Think of this as your recommendations and call-to-action followed by a very high-level review of your findings and results.

What to Say

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