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HR Hot Tip for February 2018


HR Harassment Investigation
How to Protect Your Company – 6 Steps

Recently HR Alternative Consulting, Inc. was contracted by several companies to conduct an internal harassment investigation. Due to the investigations, several issues were uncovered and one of the major concerns was a poorly written Employee Handbook.

Harassment is a critical concern, no doubt. What’s the status of your policy on harassment? And, what about all those other policies that you need? It’s easy to let policies slide, but you can’t afford to, your Employee Handbook policies are your only hope for consistent and compliant management that avoids lawsuits.

When harassment or other violations are charged, you must investigate.

Do Them – Quickly! Don’t hesitate to investigate. In fact, investigations are required in some states, where harassment is involved. Time elapsed is a factor, so definitely don’t delay. It is very important to start your investigation within 24 to 48 hours. And if not quickly commenced, document the reason for delay.

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Our Featured Article

Choosing Words Wisely: How It Can Bite You in the
Derrière When You Don’t

by: By: Starla West, Founder & President

As many of you know, Forever 21 came under fire in the media after a leaked memo shared the retailer’s plans to reclassify some full-time employees’ jobs to part-time status, cutting their benefits and limiting their hours.

There are plenty of individuals discussing whether this decision is right or wrong and/or good or bad so we’ll leave that to them to hash out. I, instead, prefer to address how the decision was delivered to employees.

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