About Ann Fisher

As Owner and President of HR Alternative Consulting, Inc., I am continually being asked how other business owners and HR professionals handle common HR issues and concerns. How do businesses maintain compliance, and eliminate the potential of costly employee related lawsuits and yet, run their business or department? HR News Magazine was created to provide information from those individuals dealing with the ever-changing HR federal and state laws.

Ms. Fisher has been featured in numerous publications.

  • Single.Women.Entrepreneurs. A book written by Dr. Erin Albert 2011
  • American Express Business Open Forum magazine in December 2010 CLICK HERE
  • American Family Insurance – Business Accelerator e-Tips in December 2010 CLICK HERE
  • Business of the Year Award recipient sponsored by American Family Insurance in October 2010 CLICK HERE
  • Featured in the Conduit, the Minority & Women’s Business Enterprises Division in Indiana for May 2010 CLICK HERE
  • Additionally, she also speaks for various organizations and conducts training classes on HR topics, such as EEOC regulations, interviewing, and various other HR topics.

About HR Alternative Consulting

Mission – To take the mystery out of maintaining human resource compliance. Help organizations to understand the easiest way to maintain compliance with both the federal and state regulations.

PEOPLE are every company’s most valuable asset. Let HR Alternative Consulting, Inc. provide the HR resources to increase productivity, retention and avoid costly legal issues. We can provide all of your human resource needs while saving you time and money.

HR Alternative Consulting provides customized services for all size businesses, organizations, and schools. Our services range from start-up to maintenance and in-depth analyses. Areas of need are identified, developed, and strengthened. HR Alternative Consulting is an expert in customizing, devising, and implementing newly structured programs specifically to your needs.

HR Alternative Consulting services also include HR mentoring, on-call, on-site consulting and serve as your outsourced Human Resource Department, for all size organizations and schools.

About the President/Founder

Ann Fisher is the President and Founder of HR Alternative Consulting, Inc. The company is WBE Certified with the City of Indianapolis and the State of Indiana.

With more than 20 plus years of hands-on human resource experience, a Masters Degree, and ten years within the Fortune 500 arena, Ms. Fisher understands the demands and time it takes to maintain a healthy and happy work force. As former Vice President of Organizational Development for five privately owned hospitals, consisting of 550 employees throughout the United States, Ms. Fisher gained both a wealth of knowledge and experience in HR issues, which she brings to her position at HR Alternative Consulting.

Ms. Fisher currently serves on the Board of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), Indianapolis Chapter. She is a member of the Society of Human Resource Management.

Ms. Fisher has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington in Psychology and a master’s degree from Purdue University in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.


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  2. Hi Ann: Spending a couple of hours catching-up in the office this afternoon and I also checked out
    your HR News Magazine web-site. I can see how this is a great value to employees seeking hiring
    knowledge and advise. I was nice talking with you at last week’s NAWBO business luncheon.

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