Simply Complex: The 3 “T”s of Effective Leadership



Imagine walking around a room, wearing blinders or even with your eyes closed. More than likely you are bumping into things, not seeing the whole view or picture. Maybe you are standing still afraid to move in fear of hurting yourself or others due to uncertainty of what you may bump into. Either way, you are going nowhere.

We all have the tendency to try to ignore “hard” situations. We sometimes like the blinders and hope it will just go away. Leading from a place of fear, reluctance, or denial keeps us bumping into the same old habits, issues and problems. You know the “elephant” remains in the room. How much does this resonate with you?

Face it, the elephant is in the room even with your blinders securely fastened. In fact, especially with the blinders on! What are you ignoring as you lead….in your business, your leadership and your life?

Now imagine if you take the blinders off or simply open your eyes! The room becomes quite clear; the layout, the obstacles, the path, and even that “elephant” needing to be removed. May not be comfortable to see the reality and especially to see that huge elephant in the room! At least now, you can address how to get the elephant out of the room because you can at least see the door. Expansion can now take place. Ahhh…

Simple, yet complex. While it is simple to open your eyes, the complex part is to acknowledge the truth in the room. Once the true room and all its contents are right of you, next you need to be transparent about the changes. Being vulnerable to acknowledge the truth and the need for assistance and change. Once, these two actions are taken, the real and sustainable transformation begins.

Let’s put it into ACTion: Truth, Transparency, and Transformation

ACTion #1: Truth, we must name it!
Okay, time to take off the blinders and open your eyes. Simple yet sometimes a difficult and necessary step, don’t worry you will survive. (In fact, you will thrive!)

Ask yourself:
What is the truth about my business; cash flow, employee retention, productivity, accountability, succession planning, communication, innovation, etc?

Embrace it and continue the truth asking….

What is the truth about me as a leadership, communicator, manager, mentor, etc?

ACTion #2: Transparency, we must claim it!
Time to be vulnerable and openly admit the need to address the situations and even ask for assistance in this particular area that is right in front of you begging for a solution!

Tell yourself and others:
We/I need to address __________________________ and I am so ready to step up and/or ask for someone else’s expertise!

ACTion #3: Transformation, we must set action steps in motion!
YES! Now is the time for transformation to take place by deciding and acting on SMART goals.

Ask yourself:
What must address all situations with specific, measureable, attainable, realistic and in a certain time frame to expand the room; vision, operations, service, company and more effective leadership?

The blinders are off and eyes are open, it has been recognized, and a plan has been put in place. You are now being a more effective leader, taking action to get that elephant out of the room so you and everyone else has more room to move, grow and breathe!

Keep the effectiveness going and make this a new leadership ritual. Enter each room (situation, issue, problem)…eyes wide open; acknowledge the truth (name it), be transparent (claim it) and transform (act on it)! Congratulations, you have now made room for expansion!

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