In This Issue: HR Hot Tip for September 2017 and our Featured Article: How Much ‘Parenting’ Do Your Employees Need? by Lisa Purichia, Partner, Director of Entrepreneurial Services, Sponsel CPA Group

HR Hot Tip for September 2017


5 of the 10 Sins of Termination

Begging for a lawsuit?

Terminations are never easy for anyone, but since they plant the seeds of many lawsuits, it’s worth learning how to do them right. Handling them carefully can save cash, calm frayed nerves, extra strength aspirin and maintain morale and productivity. Don’t be the company mentioned on the nightly news along with these words “Wrongful Termination”.

Sin #1 – Terminating in a Fit of Anger

There are at least three things wrong with an on-the-spot termination:
        People don’t make good decisions this way.
        There are many factors to consider before terminating.
        Being disrespectful encourages people to sue.
Bottom line, wait until you talk to a HR expert.

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Our Featured Article

How Much ‘Parenting’ Do Your Employees Need?


By Lisa Purichia
Partner, Director of Entrepreneurial Services

Sponsel CPA Group

It’s not unusual for a manager or business owner to feel like a mom or dad to their employees. After all, they are generally younger than you, less experienced, and look to you for leadership and guidance. In turn, a good supervisor enjoys watching their workers grow professionally, build new skills, and acquire new capabilities and responsibilities.

So how much “parenting” should you provide to your employees when it comes to managing their own benefits and finances?

Many business owners feel justifiably proud of the benefits package they provide workers. Some feel that merely offering them should be the extent of their effort. But for younger employees, especially those just out of school, it might be wise to coach them to take better advantage of these benefits.

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