In This Issue: HR Hot Tip for July 2017 and our Featured Article: Appreciate what you see By: Jan Byars, PhD, President – LeadSync

HR Hot Tip for July 2017

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Additional Five (5) Most Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Company’s Employee Handbook

(Employee Handbook Mistakes
#1 thru #5 June 2017 Issue)

Your Employee Handbook can be an invaluable organizational tool—or an employment lawsuit waiting to happen. Congress and state legislatures have been busy enacting laws that directly affect your Employee Handbook in recent years. If you haven’t kept up, your organization could be sued.

Your employees must know and understand the rules to follow the rules.

Here are the second 5 common Employee Handbook (#6 thru #10) mistakes you should avoid:

6. To your people it’s simply an employee manual, but it’s also a powerful legal defense for you. Having clear policies in writing is one of the best ways to give you ammunition in case of a lawsuit. Better still, it helps prevent lawsuits in the first place.

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Our Featured Article

Appreciate What You Want To See!


By: Jan Byars, PhD, President – LeadSync

It is so simple, and yet we constantly fail to do the very thing that aligns our people. It is this alignment that is the birthplace of motivation and momentum. It is this energy that sweeps us forward toward our goals. This is the time of year when we look down the road and make plans. You may even have completed your plan for 2017. If so that is great, but what are you doing on a daily basis? Does your daily behavior move your business toward those goals?

This is the essence of leadership – alignment, motivation and influence. The #1 task of leadership is to hold the environment, to create the conditions for the work we want to see. But the reality is we get so in our heads focused on tasks, we forget to look up and look around. It is easy to tell when you are holding the right environment, because what you do, and what you see, is lined up.

For example think of dew (or frost). Yes, that stuff that in on your grass in the morning. It is predictable based on temperature and humidity. If the temperature reaches dew point, dew appears. The environment in your business is the same. The conditions you hold, if done consistently, appear.

The #1 thing we need to be able to do as leaders is Hold Steady. This is really the trick.

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