In This Issue: HR Hot Tip for August 2017 and our Featured Article: Simply Complex: The 3 “T”s of Effective Leadership by FRANCINE A. CARTER LCSW, CPC, ELI-MP, PCC

HR Hot Tip for August 2017


Can You Always Avoid Hiring Troublemakers?

Unfortunately, you probably won’t be able to avoid all troublemakers, but with diligent efforts you will avoid most of them. There are numerous strategies which can be used when recruiting and hiring. Once of the best methods is to conduct reference/background checks.

To avoid hiring troublemakers, do consistent, detailed reference checks:

        Be sure to talk to current or former direct supervisors, if possible.
        Explore the red flags uncovered on the application and during the interview. The applicant’s job history is one of the most over exaggerated information on a resume and/or employment application.
        Stick with questions about performance on the job.
        Engage a professional agency to conduct background checks appropriate to the position.

One of the most effective checks you can do is just to compare all the information you have. Are the resume and application consistent with each other and with information gained during background checks, reference checks and interviews?

If you have trouble getting former employers to open up, follow these tips:

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Our Featured Article

Simply Complex: The 3 “T”s of Effective Leadership



Imagine walking around a room, wearing blinders or even with your eyes closed. More than likely you are bumping into things, not seeing the whole view or picture. Maybe you are standing still afraid to move in fear of hurting yourself or others due to uncertainty of what you may bump into. Either way, you are going nowhere.

We all have the tendency to try to ignore “hard” situations. We sometimes like the blinders and hope it will just go away. Leading from a place of fear, reluctance, or denial keeps us bumping into the same old habits, issues and problems. You know the “elephant” remains in the room. How much does this resonate with you?

Face it, the elephant is in the room even with your blinders securely fastened. In fact, especially with the blinders on! What are you ignoring as you lead….in your business, your leadership and your life?

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